Our expertise in web development is no longer here is to disassemble it www.jnbgeral.com, JNB General extends its skills by bringing its expertise in web development, website (blogs, website ads and sales online eg www.maboutiquemesachats.com, www.jnbgeneral.com, www.chaavel.com …), stock management application, commercial management and installation and configuration of computer networks (home networks of businesses and interconnection sites) as well as installation and configuration of domain controller servers, information management systems, collaborative platform and video conferencing through our Telecom Engineers and web Developers to do name a few.REROweb

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  1. JNB General Sercice 781, RUE UTA (paul Monthe), Bonapriso.
  2. BP: 5665
  3. Fixe:(+237) 233 42 99 49
  4. Mobile:(+237) 699 819 111 / 679797981
  5. Email:jnbgeneral@yahoo.fr

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